"Quirky, funny and very engaging.
My granddaughter experienced that 'light-bulb' reading moment using these books."

"Thank you Berys.
My daughter is gradually learning her GPCs and enjoying every minute of it. She and her little sister love Bad Bot - they laugh hysterically everytime they read it!"

"These are useful little books for beginning readers. Each book is very short with amusing illustrations.
Apart from the obvious use as progressive readers, the books can be used to quickly practise a specific sound that a child finds difficult. I found it helpful for a child that was having trouble sounding out words contaning the 'u' as in 'gum' sound."

"Pocket Rockets has been a great addition to reading activities in schools I work in. Students are achieving great success with their reading. They perceive themselves as 'readers' and not as strugglers."

"You can't have too many decodable books to keep up a students' enthusiasm. They are proper stories so you can use them for vocabulary and comprehension. I really like the low price and the fact that the students can keep them and read them any time."
Jane Conway, Early Years Teacher

"The Pocket Rockets are tiny, cheap, colour, glossy decodable booklets for young beginners and strugglers , and my latest favourite thing. I buy little photo albums from the $2 shop and put a set of Pocket Rockets in each one and lend them to students as a small lightweight decodable library they can use to practise sounding out words in cute little stories"
Alison Clarke, Melbourne Speech Pathologist

"I particularly appreciate the fact that it is difficult for kids to guess the words from the pictures - it means they have to concentrate and work through decoding. It doesn't detract from the meaning of the text and it has improved her accuracy a great deal."